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Genres: Drama , Crime , Action
Actors: Terry Chen , Ty Olsson , Natassia Malthe , Keegan Connor Tracy , Paul Perri , Damon Johnson , John Cassini , Rob LaBelle , Jessica Steen , Nicholas Lea , Justine Waddell , Henry Czerny , Wesley Snipes , Ryan Phillippe , Jason Statham
Director: Tony Giglio
Country: Canada, United Kingdom, United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (29020 votes)

In Seattle, detective Quentin Conners is unfairly suspended and his partner Jason York leaves the police force after a tragic shooting on Pearl Street Bridge, when the hostage and the criminal die. During a bank heist with a hostage situation, Conners is assigned in charge of the operation with the rookie Shane Dekker as his partner. The thieves, lead by Lorenz, apparently do not steal a penny from the bank. While chasing the gangsters, the police team disclose that they planted a virus in the system, stealing one billion dollars from the different accounts, using the principle of the Chaos Theory. Further, they find that Lorenz is killing his accomplices.

Film Review

Synopsis: Two cops, a rookie and a grizzled vet, pursue an accomplished bank robber. Review: Most of the problem's in 'Chaos', and there are a fair few, lie with the casting of Statham giving the audience the impression that the film will be a shameless action romp just with the mere inclusion of the buff Englishman. However, the fact's are that this is a confusing, poorly written, self-indulgent mess by director Tony Giglio, and while it aspires towards the originality of films like 'Seven' and 'The Usual Suspects' it's probably on the wet side of 'Lucky Number Slevin'. When a film is so blatant about not having one twist too many, but four of five, it's almost polite not to care and more satisfying to sit back and make the best of it. Phillipe steals what's left of the the show and Snipes is extremely cringe-worthy; a mixture of Blade and Willy Wonka obviously not paying off. And it's proved too easy to make an ir…

The current IMDb rating for "Chaos" is 6.4, which is about right…or maybe a tad high. "Chaos" suffers from a lot of flaws, including two actors in lead roles who simply don't get the job done. Contrary to what some other reviewers have stated, I found Statham to be more than serviceable in his role as a Seattle cop (who is originally a Brit, which fact seems to have eluded many people who have been complaining about his accent.) Phillippe was just plain a poor choice for his role, and Snipes overacts atrociously in a role that needed more subtlety. I never for a moment believed that Phillippe was a cop, much less a good one. The initial chase scene pretty much destroyed his aspirations to hero status for this movie, at least. Czerny does a great job as his usual creep character.The plot is a rehash of several caper movies (and books,) giving away the ending way before the movie reaches the third act.Yet…I find it an interesting movie to watch. There's n…

Chaos is set in Seattle in Washington & starts as three masked, armed men walk into an international bank & proceed to rob it. An emergency alarm is pressed & the cops are on the scene in no time, with three armed robbers inside the bank & lots of staff & customers the robbery turns into a hostage situation. The lead robber Lorenz (Wesley Snipes) makes contact with the local police & ask's to speak to disgraced cop Detective Quentin Connors (Jason Statham) who is currently suspended after a previous hostage situation he was dealing with ended in an innocent woman being killed, returned to active duty Connors is partnered with rookie cop Detective Shane Dekker (Ryan Philippe) & takes charge of the hostage negotiations. However things go wrong & the robbers escape, then it seems they didn't actually steal anything from the bank & ulterior motives may be at work as the cops try to figure out the meaning behind all the chaos…This Ca…


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