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Genres: Drama , Romance
Actors: River Phoenix , Keanu Reeves , James Russo , William Richert , Rodney Harvey , Chiara Caselli , Michael Parker , Jessie Thomas , Flea , Grace Zabriskie , Tom Troupe , Udo Kier , Sally Curtice , Robert Lee Pitchlynn , Mickey Cottrell
Director: Gus Van Sant
Country: United States
Year: 1991
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (25290 votes)

Surreal character study focusing on the friendship between two male hustlers, Mike and Scott, in Portland, Oregon. They live on the streets, do drugs, and sell themselves to men and women. Mike is quiet, gay and suffers from narcolepsy. Abandoned as a child, he is obsessed with finding his long-lost mother. Scott is the rebellious son of a high-ranking family, who lives this life mostly to embarrass his father. Mike is in love with Scott, who still maintains he is straight and insists that his wild lifestyle on the streets is only temporary. Together, they embark on a quest to find Mike’s mother, traveling from Portland to Idaho to Italy, with Scott picking up a beautiful girl along the way.

Film Review

Gus Van Sant has never been my favourite director and approaching his work is always a very hit-and-miss experience for me. Having said that, when I do respond to his work positively it's a thoroughly enriching experience and while My Own Private Idaho is not my personal favourite of the movies he's made it IS a very, very good viewing experience.The late, lamented River Phoenix plays Mike, a troubled and narcoleptic street hustler on a quest to find his mother and perhaps some form of domestic bliss he revisits/imagines often during his bouts of sleep. His best friend, for most of the movie, is Scott (Keanu Reeves), a young man only a week away from a large inheritance who is also hustling in the meantime and enjoying the lifestyle and the discomfort it causes others. These two skirt around the edges of, and join in with, a ragged, rugged band of brothers led by Bob (William Richert), a man who tells colourful lies and enjoys his dubious, "lofty" status as the kin…

i donno which made me yelp in silent pain more , , , was it mike's longing for his mother who abandoned him when he was small , his incurable narcolepsy , or the fact that he was irrevocably in love in with Scot who does not share the feeling and deserts him the same way his mother did years ago ? your heart goes out to mike who has nothing to live for …. its a film thats heart felt.. that makes you wanna cry out .. and hold mike in your arms , tell him everything will be okay.. but it wont .. and you ll know it ..thats splits your heart into two .. an astonishing performance from both the leads.. keanu is as good in emotional scenes as he is in scifi … what can i say of river phoenix? like heath ledger his absence will never be filled… an amazing talent incredible performance in this movie should have earned him an Oscar i ll like to thank the director for making this movie… reminds us we are still human …


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