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Genres: Documentary , Drama , War
Actors: Riz Ahmed , Farhad Harun , Waqar Siddiqui , Afran Usman , Shahid Iqbal , Sher Khan , Jason Salkey , Jacob Gaffney , Mark Holden , Duane Henry , William Meredith , Payman Bina , Adam James , James Buller , Mark Sproston
Director: Mat Whitecross , Michael Winterbottom
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 (7548 votes)

In 2001, four Pakistani Britons, Ruhal Ahmed, Asif Iqbal and Shafiq Rasul and another friend, Monir, travel to Pakistan for a wedding and in a urge of idealism, decide to see the situation of war torn Afganistan which is being bombed by the American forces in retaliation for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Once there, with the loss of Monir in the wartime chaos, they are captured by Northern Alliance fighters. They are then handed them over the American forces who transport them to the prison camps at the Guantanamo Bay base in Cuba. What follows is three years of relentless imprisonment, interrogations and torture to make them submit to blatantly wrong confessions to being terrorists. In the midst of this abuse, the three struggle to keep their spirits up in that face of this grave injustice.

Film Review

The main issue I have with this film is that it presents itself as a documentary. It is not a documentary and this is not journalism. It is entertainment. That immediately destroys all credibility in the eyes of those who have an unflinching religious loyalty to whatever national or Christian symbol you want to use.When I sat down to watch this I thought perhaps I would get to see a film that would make even the most die hard American Good Old Boy sit down and really start asking some questions. Unfortunately it is just going to add more fuel to their self righteous fires. Through an hour and a half I saw ONE scene where a member of the United States military acted like a reasonable human being. I mean come on guys. This kind of film is not going to change any minds.If you are honestly concerned with educating people this is not the film to show them.

I was truly angry, what are American troops doing in east especially in Guantanamo prison!!! And the saddest thing is that the bush him self lies about peoples inhaled inside Guantanamo without any evidence of their lifestyle and that American forces are lie about of their occupation is joust sick!!! American politic and people working for American government should be helled in Guantanamo!!! Not innocent one!!!I think this movie should be played in many countries and shown to a lot of peoples so they can truly see what is going on the Guantanamo prison! All respect and regards to those three men who were helled in Guantanamo prison and all those who are innocent in! It is better to free a guilt person than to helled a innocent one!!! Americans shame on you!!!

Let me preface this by saying I'm not a brainwashed American. I openly have some issues with some Bush policies and some things like the Patriot Act. This being satisfactorily mentioned; This film is the "Blair Witch Project" of GWOT "documentaries". It's a fake. It also proves the Hollywood style film making power of the so-called "left" or anti-GWOT peaceniks. There's obviously a great bit of production cost in this film. This is a doco of sorts that follows the joy-ride to Afghanistan of some stupid UK citizens of Pakistan descent. It's made to appear, complete with night-vision style clips, to be authentic, as if a film crew followed these guys from the UK to this ridiculous trek into Afghanistan via Pakistan. They knew war was coming to Pakistan. They had no money to "help", and just happened to have got caught in an area loaded with Taliban and other resistance fighters. Apparently no IDs or passports, a poor un-verifiable …


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